About Cuban Dvenci

Cuban Dvenci is a artist from a small city outside of Philadelphia, Pa called Coatesville. When he was 14 he started perusing his career in

hip hop. His sound is something like Jayz with his incredible metaphors. He represents the 90 style of rap music.He was influence by the

storytelling of the 90's era of the music by like Tupac, Nas, Biggie, and more. He dropped his debut album The Dvenci Code album back in 2012.

He is currently working on his new album Was Written which should be dropping in Dec 2016. He is currently working with former BET host

Sir in Philadelphia, Pa. He has a new mixtape called 50 Shades of DVenci dropping early new year of 2016. Cuban fell in love with music after

being at his dad band concerts. Elementary he took up trumpet and violin lessons. By time he got to middle school he was taking up

saxophone lessons and starting free-styling after school as a hobby. By 19 he became a recording engineer and started recording his

first group called O.B.M. (Operation Big Money). Cuban had opened up for Hopsin when he was on Tour was on tour with Hopsin in 2011. Jan

2012 he was running and working with Wu Tang/Brooklyn Zu on Judah Priest in a group called 144,000. In the middle of 2012 he has been in 3

articles of Indiegator Magazines. In September 2012 he was recognize by Action News as one of the upcoming independent artists. 2013 he

started as hosted on WBZH Tri- County, The Buzz Radio in Pottstown, Pa. Also made the coatesvilledoes.com hometown success on there

website. He did the opening performance at DJ Johnny V from Power99 fm birthday party in June of 2013. Feb 2014 he performed at the Styles

P concert in Pottsville, Pa.